An online streaming service for auction. Seller has one minute to sell their items in a backyard sale style. Buyer can bid on the items during the one minute live.


Social media live streaming services and auction website.

What it does:

We create a mobile phone application for one-minute live auction. Buyer can present their inventory for one minute and the buyer can watch live and bid on the items.

How we built it:

We use AngularJs along with API using python.

Challenges we ran into:

Time was the most challenging because we started doing this project very close to the end of the hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

We are proud of getting the back-end python code to work with the front-end AngularJS

What we learned:

We learn about's payment process and security in online payment. We also learned about React Native and AngularJS.

What's next:

Polish this project in order to have a more robust, secure product.

Built with:

AngularJS, Python, API, ionic, MongoDB.

Prizes we're going for:

$100 Amazon Gift Cards

LS20 Gaming Headset

Social Entrepreneurship Award

Hustle Award

Grand Prize

Jetbrains Pro Software

Blu R2 Plus Smartphones

Misfit Shine 2

Team Members

Hieu Ngo, Christian Ellis
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