Our project aims to make it easier for people around campus to plan out their meals. We create a custom meal plan for people based on their food preferences and nutrition goals.


As a student, I don't always know what's on the menu throughout dining halls at UMass. I just get food at random times, but knowing when and where my favorite foods are available will allow me to plan my schedule accordingly. We are both also interested in fitness, and diet is an important component to that.

What it does:

Our project makes a custom meal plan for people based on their food preferences. There is also a more advanced version of our website that creates a meal plan for people for fitness purposes, whether that be to gain weight or lose weight in a safe and healthy manner.

How we built it:

We used javascript to create the website and used custom designed formulas to make the calculations for the nutrition version.

Challenges we ran into:

Scraping the data from the online sources, dealing with asynchronous requests.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

We are proud of the nutrition aspect of this website. It is something we would definitely want to use in our everyday lives and I'm sure it could help a lot of other people too.

What we learned:

We learned a lot more about nutrition and what exactly your body needs from a fitness aspect. We also learned more about web development through this project.

What's next:

We want to include more dining halls and food services around campus. We also want to build an app version of this website for convenience.

Built with:

Javascript, Node, Express.js, Nightmare.js

Prizes we're going for:

Grand Prize

HAVIT RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Jetbrains Pro Software

$100 Amazon Gift Cards

Team Members

Aditya Parmar, James Curry
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