The Program we made lets you generate sudoku puzzles of varying difficulty


We saw a group of students trying to solve SUDOKU puzzles. That's how we thought of making a program to generate random SUDOKU puzzles.

What it does:

It generates random sudoku puzzles of varying difficulty.

How we built it:

We used Python to code the program

Challenges we ran into:

We faced challenges while generating the random digits. Sometimes the code would end up getting stuck in an impossible infinite loop because of how the game works

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

We are proud that we could finish our project

What we learned:

I learned how even a simple game like SUDOKU can be complicated to explain to a computer.

What's next:

Make it into a mobile app

Built with:

We built it with Python IDLE.

Prizes we're going for:

Grand Prize

Team Members

Suraj Pathak, Kunal Goyal, Abhinav Prakash, Rohit Draksha
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