Control the position of a ball to avoid hitting walls by using fingers swiping through the air. This is done by IR break beam detection


Making a game with no controllers needed, just hand motion

What it does:

It track hand motion vertically using ir break beams to move a player in four different positions to avoid walls.

How we built it:

Using 4 ir break beam lined vertically, we connected the wires the bread board, then connected those to a knock off arduino (red board). We then used processing to take the ir beam status to then be used as input for the video game. The character moves based on the last ir to be interrupted

Challenges we ran into:

First time using an Arduino Lining up the sensors Getting the data through processing without lag between the arduino and the processing software

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

Learning how to use process Learning how to use and arduino Learning how to use IR break beams Connecting the IR break beam status to the video game its self

What we learned:

how to use process 3 how to use and Arduino how to use IR break beams

What's next:

Improving the video game aspect of the project

Built with:

Arduino knock off (red board) IR break beams Bread board Processing 3

Prizes we're going for:

Grand Prize

Raspberry Pi Arcade Gaming Kit

Call of Duty: Black OPS 4 (XBOX ONE)

Team Members

Andonaq Grozdani, Patrick Jean Baptiste, Tim Rose
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