Swipe on memes and let the app learn what you like and only show you memes that you are likely to enjoy; add memes to your list of favorites and share them with your friends


Every day, I struggle with finding the right meme that will make my day. I have to filter through hundreds of garbage memes to find the one that makes me feel like Oprah. I wanted to make something that would just find me the perfect meme(s) without me having to swim through an ocean of normies.

What it does:

Learns what memes I like and then gives me the ones that I will like. It also lets me favorite memes or add custom memes that I can then look at later and access through a messenger extension

How we built it:

We have a React front end that has 3 main components: a main swiping component, a favorites component, and a "add custom" component. The swiping component displays a bunch of memes and learns what memes you like. It then sends data to the server. The server saves memes that you favorite and also grabs more memes from Reddit. It also handles authentication and the backend for our messenger app.

Challenges we ran into:

Spent too much looking at memes instead of working on the app. On a more serious note: We were just a team of two so we had a lot of tasks to do. We also had to learn a ton of new things so that took time and persistence.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

Robert built his first React app and I built my first Messenger extension

What we learned:

How to build SPAs with React + why we should not use JS for the backend + our personal limits

What's next:

Actual deep learning

Built with:

React + Nodejs + MongoDB + Reddit API + Messenger API + Memes + Energy drinks

Prizes we're going for:

Arteck HB030 Portable Keyboard

Grand Prize

HAVIT RGB Mechanical Keyboard

$100 Amazon Gift Cards

Team Members

Robert Jewell, Humad Syed
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