Draw a race track and a path for your car to take and a virtual environment will be generated where you can watch your car drive around.


I like to make Video Games and I like finding out new types of games.

What it does:

Take a picture of your drawing > Computer processes your drawing > Generates the track > Generates path for the car > car drives around and follows path in the virtual environment

How we built it:

Unity 3D

Challenges we ran into:

Unity doesn't have much in the way of image processing so a lot of work went into coding the image post processing (i.e. how to effectively search a drawing to determine clusters of pixels.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

I'm happy that I can take a picture (virtually unlimited variability in what can be created) and dynamically generate a computer environment.

What we learned:

I learned that data structures can make your life easier when performing complex searches especially over graphs.

What's next:

Cleaning it up and possibly releasing on the playstore. Hopefully with AR integration.

Built with:

Unity 3D

Prizes we're going for:

Hacker gear & swag from

Grand Prize

Oculus Go (32 GB)

$100 Amazon Gift Cards

Team Members

Matt Russiello
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