Our project sorts a given list using several sorting algorithms, and it measures the time required for each one. The algorithms are shown in order of the time required for each sorting along with relevant information regarding why some algorithms are better suited for certain lists. The user interfaces with the project using a desktop java application, and the data sorted is retrieved from google sheets.


We had recently discussed big O notation in class and were interested in looking more into the relative efficiency of algorithms.

What it does:

It sorts data provides through Google Sheets using several algorithms and compares the time required for each.

How we built it:

We wrote parts of the code in separate projects, and we compiled our work in an eclipse java project.

Challenges we ran into:

Initially, our project made use of an Android app as its interface, but the google client API we were using was not compatible with Android.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

We were able correctly to implement several sorting algorithms. Additionally, we were able to make use of the google sheets API despite little prior experience.

What we learned:

We learned how many sorting algorithms function, and how their efficiency can be compared using big O notation. Additionally, we learned about the google client API.

What's next:

Going forward, we can make use of the skills we developed with this project.

Built with:

We used Java, Eclipse, Android Studio, and IntelliJ to create our project.

Prizes we're going for:

$100 Amazon Gift Cards

Google Home Mini

Team Members

Ryan Campbell, Joseph Jenie
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