Android app that searches for a user's profile based on a picture taken from the camera!


We wanted to make finding our friends on Facebook easier and in real time.

What it does:

Take a picture of your friends and it will search your Facebook friend's list for them and bring up your profile.

How we built it:

Android Studio, Java, OpenCV, WebView, Javascript, HTML

Challenges we ran into:

Compiling and importing the OpenCV library with all the modules, implementing the camera and saving the picture, getting the Friend's list profile pictures, runtime

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

Successfully implemented the camera!

What we learned:

Android Studio, importing libraries, java, basic javascript

What's next:

Searching mutual friends list, updating cache, better UI, speed, error checking

Built with:

Android Studio/Java, Javascript, HTML, OpenCV

Prizes we're going for:

Arteck HB030 Portable Keyboard

HAVIT RGB Mechanical Keyboard

$100 Amazon Gift Cards

Grand Prize

Blu R2 Plus Smartphones

Misfit Shine 2

Team Members

David Shen, Alexander Yang, Solomon Wang, Che-An Lin
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