Through the use of Kali Linux and NetDiscover we are able to acquire the IP address of any system connecting to our own during a multi-player gaming session and it will be documented, along with the latitude and longitude of the acquired IP, in a discretely created Excel file for later exploitation.


We were initially inspired to produce a code that could be run while initiating online multiplayer play. Our goal was to prove the lack of security when it comes to access to people's IP addresses. We also were inspired to better ourselves and to heighten our programming skills and knowledge

What it does:

Using Kali Linux and NetDiscover we are able to acquire the IP address of any system connecting to our own during a multi player gaming session. We can then collect the IP information, categorize it into an excel sheet and using the acquired IP we can discover the latitude and longitude location of the IP. This hack is currently based around PC gaming. We were hoping to be able to get around to console games but hardware and time prevented us from doing so. This project is meant to be an eye opener as to how vulnerable gamers are to being tracked while they are gaming.

How we built it:

We began by doing research into IP acquisition and that was how we discovered NetDiscover. We then began research into Netdiscover and got the aqquired IP addresses in a list. We then began to research on how to move the information to a windows based coding program so we could work with it. After we discovered how to move the data we decided on the language we wanted to work in was Python since we were slightly familiar with it. After wards we began to consider how to use an outside source to document all of our acquired data. We eventually decided on excel since it could keep the information in a clean and organized area, afterwhich we had to research if that was possible or not. After finally discovering how to transfer everything to an excel file without ever having to open the program itself we decided to add a geo-location acquiring aspect to our program. This will run while the program is putting the IP addresses into the excel file and will also add, into the file,the latitude and longitude of the location of the acquired IP address.

Challenges we ran into:

There were multiple times that we were unsure of how to get the information from NetDiscover out of Kali Linux and onto the system to be used by our coding tools on windows. We also struggled with learning how to use python to access excel and to export information to it without having to open the program.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

We are very proud of Kyle discovering and becoming pretty good at coding geolocation based latitude and longitude coding. We are also proud of discovering NetDiscover and figuring out how to translate information from a Kali based system back over to a windows based coding system. We are also extremely proud of Cara and Anna for learning so much in their first ever Hackathon.

What we learned:

We learned how to use excel exporting with Python which we were unaware we could do before. We also learned how to use NetDiscover on Kali Linux as well as how to code geolocation acquiring programming. (There is a bug currently that makes the answer to this question appear as the answer for this question and the next question as well despite the box for the next question having a different answer inside of it.)

What's next:

We hope to expand the project to be able to run discreetly in the background of the computer when we begin operating a multiplayer game that way it can collect the data without having to have our direct interaction with the program itself.

Built with:

Kali Linux, netdiscover, python, pygeoip, XlsxWriter, geocoder

Prizes we're going for:

Misfit Shine 2

HAVIT RGB Mechanical Keyboard

$100 Amazon Gift Cards

Call of Duty: Black OPS 4 (XBOX ONE)

Team Members

Anna Butcher, Cara Richardson, Kyle Danielson, Frances Mulligan
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