Our project is a React SPA combined with a Python Flask API which helps users keep track of their approaching deadlines. The core feature is a timeline which shows the approaching deadlines proportional to time.


Our numerous deadlines.

What it does:

It helps people keep track of their deadlines

How we built it:

React, Python Flask, and axios.

Challenges we ran into:

Keeping everybody's development environments in sync!

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

Cranking out the final product despite nearly conking out early.

What we learned:

Communication, hacking endurance, redbull shotgunning.

What's next:

We will probably briefly improve upon it, make it look nice, make it responsive, and deploy it.

Built with:

React, Flask, axios, among other things.

Prizes we're going for:

$100 Amazon Gift Cards

Grand Prize

Jetbrains Pro Software

Oculus Go (32 GB)

Misfit Shine 2

Team Members

Toby Weed, Caroline O'Boy, Ben Allen-Rahill, Lambus Li
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