Our project detects incoming objects, lights a number of pixels that represents that value, and then sounds an alarm and flashes the pixels if the object is too close.


We were inspired to make this project as we were interested extending the capabilities of Arduino taught in our 290M class.

What it does:

Our project detects an incoming object. Once it reaches a certain threshold, it will sound an alarm and cause the neopixel LEDs to flash.

How we built it:

We used the Arduino IDE to configure the hardware and Android Studio to develop the app.

Challenges we ran into:

We faced challenges in implementing the desired lights on and with making the app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

We are proud of implementing the LEDs and the wifi.

What we learned:

We learned the basics of Android app creation and how to efficiently manipulate lights for the project.

What's next:

We plan on continuing developing the app for this project and improving the website.

Built with:

Arduino IDE, Android Studio, Arduino Maker Board

Prizes we're going for:

Arteck HB030 Portable Keyboard

Raspberry Pis & PiHut Essential Kits

HAVIT RGB Mechanical Keyboard

$100 Amazon Gift Cards

Team Members

Yannis Lam, Jeffery Carr, Steven Yen, Henry Cheung
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