An organisation to bring Dog NGOs together and provide an easy way of connection between the customers and the NGOs. Encouraging the principle of 'Adopt don't Shop'


Love for dogs

What it does:

Connect people with Dog NGOs to help them adopt dogs and find their dogs if they get lost

How we built it:

Html, Css, Javascript and SQL

Challenges we ran into:

Building a database for the project (none of us had any experience with back-ends. We did not end up using the dynamic database in the end due a personal error with SQL, but we have the code included for the judges to see)

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

Learning everything from scratch over the course of 26 hours(like literally everything) Focus on an entrepreneurship background. Putting subtle(but noticeable) jokes in the website.

What we learned:

Bootstrap and SQL

What's next:

Actually launching this company to save dogs

Built with:

Sublime txt. to create the files. Our minds

Prizes we're going for:

TBI Pro Gaming Headset

LS20 Gaming Headset

Social Entrepreneurship Award

Hustle Award

Jetbrains Pro Software

Misfit Shine 2

Raspberry Pi Arcade Gaming Kit

Team Members

Rushiv Arora, Vani Korepu, Umair Sohail.
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