A web application that takes 3 arguments for favorite games and uses that to determine other games a user might like


At first we wanted to make a habit tracker, but then we realized how interesting an idea it would be to create a recommendation engine for games

What it does:

The project takes 3 inputs, from a web interface, and through a python script finds 5 other games the user might like

How we built it:

We are using apache and php for the web backend, python as a back-end scripting language, we are hosting our website on google cloud (and a local dev environment), and have domain hosting with

Challenges we ran into:

We had some intense challenges and had to reshape what we wanted our project to be many times. The entirety of our three person team are underclassmen, and so we certainly have some knowledge gaps that still need to be filled, but mostly it was very challenging working with various api frameworks and deciding how to build the web front end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

I am so incredibly proud of my friend Veer and the incredibly work he put into the project with his experience in coding Python: especially as a sophomore! That last night of work was amazing, and we did some python scripting that was really beyond what I think we were even possible but the Hackathon really brought out something special in us for that.

What we learned:

I learned so much. The importance of properly scaling your goals with your current knowledge. I learned an incredibly amount of python, but most important I learned to persevere even when incredibly drained and I feel like we want to give up.

What's next:

I think that we want to further expand how we classify our data, and to work on making it more useful in finding even more similar games. Add some proper sorting, change some data structures. Create a more streamlined and less taped-together Web application.

Built with:

We used three MacBooks that were our own, and a handful of Google Cloud credits.

Prizes we're going for:

Raspberry Pis & PiHut Essential Kits

Misfit Shine 2

Jetbrains Pro Software

Call of Duty: Black OPS 4 (XBOX ONE)

Team Members

Veer Gadodia, Chad Ackerman, and Thomas Morton
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