Title Description Team members
Consonance Our project aims to socialize the experience of streaming music. We often find ourselves in a world where people are isolated into their own soundscape, … Andrew Cunningham, Pat Kelley, Izge Bayyurt, Owen DeCleene, David Lonergan, … View more
Shoezam Innovative application that identifies shoes. Noah Huppert, Tyler Charlantini, Matthew Oslan, Seetha Chock View more
Sudoku Generator The Program we made lets you generate sudoku puzzles of varying difficulty Suraj Pathak, Kunal Goyal, Abhinav Prakash, Rohit Draksha View more
ParalAssist ParalAssist is a sleep paralysis assistant. Once it is given a "racing heart rate" it monitors the wearer until it detects a heightened heart rate … Veronica Gusev View more
Ceres Growing up, I always wanted to change the world, but I wasn't often thinking that "charity begins at home". Somehow, the problems I faced in … Will Pine, Meghadeepa Maity, Julia Beatty View more
Studious PDF/Text to workflow converter. Maximize study time efficiency, see the most recurring topics over the years. Caleb Coffin, Austin Geannopoulos, Zachary Schaffer, David Cincotta View more
Let's See Our project is aimed to provide convenience to all the users by providing them with what is available near them. Be it a restaurant, an … Anushree Jana, Akash Munjial, Shreya Sawant. View more
Page A chrome extension that allows you to modify and save the layouts of any web page(change the size and position of elements). The hope of … Clark Jin, Andrew Song, Riccardi Dalexis View more
Air Keys This project is a motion activated music player that uses Leap Motion to detect gestures. These gestures are linked to media commands and can be … Crystal Rhee, Ivan Chen, Jonathan Shee, Timothy Shee View more
Coll[A]ge Are you a stressed, disorganized college student? Have you ever wanted to make your life more structured? Do you want to get your act together? … Alina Daraphet, Nathan Ng, Jin Young Bang View more
SafeSide SafeSide allows ambulance drivers to reach emergencies with the control of traffic in their hands. Simon Nathans, Rishab Maheshwari, Brian Hoang, Ngan Nguyen, Cody Nguyen View more
LazyWire LazyWire, a Four Wheel Drive motorized vehicle cable running assistant. It was design/built to specifically expedite the time it takes to run one or even … Sarah Andraka, Kenneth Morales, Justice DeJesus View more
GameTime A web application that takes 3 arguments for favorite games and uses that to determine other games a user might like Veer Gadodia, Chad Ackerman, and Thomas Morton View more
AntiDote We predict the role of fentanyl in opioid deaths. We are interested in how the opioid crisis is currently affecting America. Brenno Ribeiro, Cameron LaFreniere, Emiton Alves, Matthew Silva View more
Career Path A website that provides both students and adults greater insight and motivation to achieve their dreams. It compile statistics of current industry leaders, including their … Steven Tran, Dennis Yatsula, Ben Janes, Matt Cohan View more
Ill-Pill At some point in our life, I think we've all faced the situation where we have a bunch of pills and no clue as to … Rajeev Joshi, Avaiyang Garg, Anshul Sharma, Archit Goyal, Kushan Singh View more
PRAKTIKA: Spycraft Bouts And Training Games 1987 - 1988 A collection of Cold-War inspired minigames meant to cultivate the next generation of Soviet spies. Fun for the whole family! Andrew Jones, Alexander Vukovic, Jonathan Julien, Chester Moses View more
AR Cards Our project entails the utilization of Apple's ARKit 2.0 to classify and recognize 2D images and display an AR UI on top of said content. Samuel Dubois, Joshua Holme, Jacob Holme View more
No touch ball run Control the position of a ball to avoid hitting walls by using fingers swiping through the air. This is done by IR break beam detection Andonaq Grozdani, Patrick Jean Baptiste, Tim Rose View more
MemeMachine Swipe on memes and let the app learn what you like and only show you memes that you are likely to enjoy; add memes to … Robert Jewell, Humad Syed View more
It's The Best Song Ever Probably the best song, ever. Pauly Goldsmith, Nick Williams, Lillian Grassin-Drake View more
B^3 In a market over-saturated with smart watches, we wondered what solutions could be achieved by smart-belts. Turns out, it's not a lot, but it sure … Hiren Viswanathan Ramu Sharma, Vinay Ramesh, Ande Vigneshsai Roshan, Lauren … View more
TUSStart - Cloud-based Robotic Process Automation Our project, TUSStart is a cloud-based solution for robotic process automation. We developed a platform that users can register and login, and view a community … Sarim Ahmed, Sayed Shah, Umair Afzal, Talha Khan View more
Virtual Piano The project of our team is to build the Human-computer interacted Virtual piano using the camera. Our team uses the openCv to track the object … Yu Li, Jiaming Nie, Ruojun Li View more
Messages Our app allows users to send fake text messages to themselves from any sender with any message in order to escape awkward situations. George Wei, Grace Gong, Emmie Ohnuki View more
WithMe, Social Network that is optimized for meeting in real … Today, with social media we are more connected than ever, yet we are also more alone than ever. Our project is a social media site … Panupong Leenawarat, Kevi Zhu, Aaron Elliot, Chenhao Huang, Kevin H. View more
Pictomap We want to create a revolutionary photography based social network Rehmat Kang, Amzad Chowdhury, Babatunde Ajao, Declan Gray-Mullen View more
Finals Week The player of the game is someone who is exhausted and overworked from finals week. Despite the player being "you" in choices made, you do … Eliana Lopez View more
TowerClimb ITS COOL Efosa Ighodaro, Ruben Basnet , Thomas Cheng View more
Git Zuccc'd! Android app that searches for a user's profile based on a picture taken from the camera! David Shen, Alexander Yang, Solomon Wang, Che-An Lin View more
DePicto Chat P2P Connection Chat Mobile App that relies on Wifi-Direct, Bluetooth, and LAN. Able to host room that connect mutiple users (1 to N connection). Users … Johnathan Shentu, Kyle Tan View more
Just Jump! We’re leveraging the power of computer vision to make your typical running platformer game a truly exhilarating experience! Shishir Verma, Ajay Shaan Shanmugam View more
Cheffam Cheffam is a platform that bridges the gap between household chefs of all levels with customers wanting a meal. This bridge not only allows for … Ahmad Raza, Jarman Liu, Luis Olivar, Walee Ahmed View more
Auctioneer An online streaming service for auction. Seller has one minute to sell their items in a backyard sale style. Buyer can bid on the items … Hieu Ngo, Christian Ellis View more
Waves are very extremely straight: WAVES We used ultrasonic sensors to create a virtual grid that can detect and graph movement Gregory Preston, Jacob Desgres View more
Sing off A skill prototype of a social robot, voice assistant, Alexa Echo, who is able to: Sing a song that you forget the name of but … Trung Ba Nguyen, Ly (Harriet) Bui View more
bun bun Christopher Trinh, Gabriella Roman View more
The Connect 3 Singularity We made a web interface version of connect 3 where you can choose to play against another human or one of our many CPU strategies, … Cole Smith, Shirley Xu, Sam Baltrus, Will Hammond, Julie Bosworth View more
FlexCore FlexCore is the first shirt of its kind, as it was designed to protect your body and enhance your workouts from rep to rep. The … Anthony Lee, Jagath Jai Kumar, Marc Rossi, Vishnu Karpuram View more
UWork UWork is a workplace management and communication app where the employees can schedule their own shifts and easily choose replacement shifts from made available to … Dhruv Keyal, Venkata Billagiri, Jason Bolton, Samuel Jayachandran, Chris Gomez, … View more
SmartChef It's 5 pm. You open your fridge. You stare into the chilly abyss, wondering how in the world you can make food out of this … Aaron Lopes, Yi Wei, Benjamin Xu View more
Rover A robot that can be remotely controlled Kyla Rafferty, Ben Leach, Mike Shedd, Steven Burns, George Tifaniuk View more
pHarmr pHarmr uses multiple sensors--pH, temperature, moisture--and feeds the real-time values through a Raspberry Pi to a pub/sub, to which we subscribe, to extract data. Our … James Cunningham, Rishab Nayak, Jason Smith, Emily Vogelsperger View more
Operation ZOOKEEPER Our hack is a device that performs a man-in-the-middle attack on an RFID scanner. It logs card data and allows the user to use logged … Nils Carlson, Jordan Chen, Michael Roffo, Jake Quilty, Aaron Terentiev, … View more
Safety first My project is a controller with two buttons, meant to mark people as safe or in danger in the middle of a natural disaster, so … Camilla Miquelina View more
Jazz Hand Jazz Hand is a wearable glove apparatus that gives users dynamic control over assignable MIDI parameters. Project Webpage: https://seanjohnsonmakes.github.io/JazzHand.html Sean Johnson, Otto Benson View more
Commusic Our project is a communal music playlist that is easy to contribute to and manage. The target audience is residents of a dorm or apartment … Garrison Taylor, Isaac Bleecker View more
Refactored Telegram It is a single player Leap Motion based game. Devendra Shivraj, Seth Penna, Mark Yamarone View more
Super Sketchy Draw a race track and a path for your car to take and a virtual environment will be generated where you can watch your car … Matt Russiello View more
ZERO: Efficient Resource Optimizer Zero is an intelligent smart-home solution which automates scheduling of appliances using an efficient electricity usage policy model by taking into account variable rate plan … Pradeep Ambati, Archan Ray, Sourabh Kulkarni, Sachin Bhat View more
Synesthete Converts audio to LED lights. Chooses a color based on the frequency of the audio, chooses the brightness based on the loudness. Quentin Bethune, William Sullivan, Kyle Toohey, Ethan Johnson View more
Ahssistant Ahssistant is a Discord bot that, when added to a Discord server, prints and audibly says the weather in Amherst. It also serves as a … George Jiang, Connor French, Ahmed Jaafar View more
VASIP - Visual Audio Speech Improvement Program It takes video input, and uses a neural network to determine the posture of their subjects in conjunction with the google natural language to provide … Michael Lu, Darnele Adhemar, Febby Chang, Matt Avison, Srivishnu Piratla View more
Kafo Insights We use financial data and machine learning techniques to predict market trends and improve investment decisions Andrew Sciotti, Ali Abdelhamid, Alexander Smith View more
Face2Forte Face2Forte detects emotions portrayed by a user's face and procedurally generates music using Markov chains in order to reinforce that emotion. Jacob Dillon, Christopher Vassallo, Finn Navin, Brandon Mino View more
Perceive We have an Oculus Rift (VR headset)connected to a robot that has a camera mounted on it. As you move your head, the robot will … Travis Bender, Colin Strassburg, Alek Calcango, Catlin Pichette, John Domenichelli View more
MedApp MedApp is a comprehensive health diary application that allows you to focus on your health by leveraging the latest in Artificial Intelligence to surface relevant … Aryan Singh, Alexandru Munteanu, Kedar Vasant Kunte, Ajay Kumar View more
Panic Button A GUI with a text field that displays encouraging messages upon a button click. Elizabeth Dewsnap View more
Awesome Health - AI "A healthy diet is a solution to many of our health-care problems". Drawing motivations from this, we made an app for mobile/Amazon Alexa, which could … Pritish Yuvraj, Abhishek Mandal, Kriti Myer, Subhajit Naskar View more
Chronic Tracker An app that empowers chronic illness sufferers to record daily analytics about themselves (mood, pain, sleep, medication) in order to empower patients with accessible tools … Kate Newcomer, Emily Rhyu, Josh Goldin, Alex Pereira, View more
Object detection and Game Design Two different projects pivoting from AR to Object detection Object detection- Using raspberry pi we built an end to end security system which detects threats … Soumya Suman, Venkatesh Babu Sekar, Ernesto Ortega-Hernandez, Emma Nguyen View more
Meme Runner Meme Runner is a virtual reality game for those ready for a true challenge. Dive into MemeSpace and try to dodge the memes flying at … Bram Stebbings, Austin Trivett, Quentin Small View more
Synchrofy We used the Spotify API to make a unique website that allows people to share Spotify music quickly and like they've (probably) never done in … Samuel Ethan Caldwell, Brian Haufler, Derek Khanh View more
EasyArm EasyArm is the prosthetic arm that can catch! Using a simple camera as a sensor and different computer vision algorithms, EasyArm tracks objects and predicts … Harrison Packer View more
What's that Cat? Most people know different breeds of dogs but cats are just cats. Thought it'd be cool to be able to identify cats on the fly. Aung Khant Ko, Adam Skvorak View more
Hungry? This is an app for IOS and Android that utilizes the number one college dining service and brings it to a new level. By allowing … Eli Nottonson, Sam Wallace, Renos Zabounidis, Matteo Baeyens View more
Deadline Radar Our project is a React SPA combined with a Python Flask API which helps users keep track of their approaching deadlines. The core feature is … Toby Weed, Caroline O'Boy, Ben Allen-Rahill, Lambus Li View more
Team BLDR TL;DR: LinkedIn for Hackathons. Our project is a web-based environment for developers to list their skills, and project ideas. Then we can have developers who … Nicholas Motta, Sarah Meninger, Brahim Azeni View more
StressLess A website dedicated to promote time management and improve sleep. Rocio Jaime, Leila Eshghi, Caroline Triolo, Sydney Smith, Olivia Baldwin View more
Splitspace M Retro-style VR Android game where you steer a ship through space, teleporting between the view of each eye. The game utilizes fun motion controls to … Sam Alws, Jerry Huang, Maxwell Hampel View more
ThroStatz ThroStatz is a WebApp which uses the Apple Watch to record data while the user is throwing a football. It then uses this data to … Ritwik Dutta, Sidharth Reji Kumar, Kyle Silverman, Kalju Jake Nekvasil View more
Gym Rats A website that helps you find gym buddies based on their vicinity to motivate people with busy lives to stay committed to going to the … Caroline Liu, Jocelyn Chan View more
RestARant This mobile app is registered with restaurants who will place QR codes on their menus. The app scans the code and displays the dish in … Max Hubbard View more
whatcolorisyourdog.com You upload an image of a dog to the website, it tells you what color it is. Ashley Wong, Preston Sheppard, Varun Sathiyaseelan, James Swingle View more
Speech Recognition Code Editor A desktop application that takes user voice input and converts it into code on the code editor. Sierra Jiang, Maria Lifshits, Mansi Kulkarni, Artem Aleksanyan View more
Gesture Genius Easily configurable gesture sequences for speech impaired people to interact with their smart devices. Connor Thompson-Hebert, Spencer Kocot View more
NutriTrack Our project aims to make it easier for people around campus to plan out their meals. We create a custom meal plan for people based … Aditya Parmar, James Curry View more
CatnIP Through the use of Kali Linux and NetDiscover we are able to acquire the IP address of any system connecting to our own during a … Anna Butcher, Cara Richardson, Kyle Danielson, Frances Mulligan View more
WalkOn Alarm Clock This App only stops when you walk a specific distance and there's no other way to stop it. Tanvish Jha, Varun Ranjan Agrawal, Rishabh Pandey, Prachi Modi View more
BreadCrumbs A website that allows users to post study resources and the like on boards for certain classes Kevin Falconett, Hana Gabrielle Bidon, Thomas Bui, Matt Lok View more
Camvas Our project allows the user to create colorful paint splatters, effectively painting the world around them. Open CV and Python is used to track the … Anna Cai, Ivy Wang, Emily Huang, Bryan Yao View more
NTRU Key Distribution Protocol (NTRU-KD) A post-quantum key distribution protocol for purely classical parties. Sam Markelon, Andy Guo, Mitchell Chan View more
Public Speaking Simulation Utilize VR hardware to help individuals to practice under Virtual circumstances. Alexander Rakovshik, Derek Do, Maria Antonia Silva, Jaikishin Mankani View more
FlipSwitch A device that can be attached to light switches and remotely turn them on/off using a smartphone application. Julian Killingback, Thomas Gable, Christoph Nuesslein, Selena Cho View more
Real Time Audio Frequency Visualizer Our project converts streamed audio signals from a mic to visual outputs in real time. We analyze the inputs through the use of Fourier Transformations … Sattwik Das, Simon Mekonen View more
ChangeYourNameToJeff.com A website that greatly simplifies and automates the process of changing your legal name to Jeff, including filing court documents and updating social media profiles. Jordan Buchman, Khalil Haji View more
CheckMate We created a mobile application for students and instructors to redefine lecture attendance. The current iClicker system has downsides for both teachers and students, but … Rudy Pikulik, Panav Setia, Yusuf Sezer, and Samuel Hostetter View more
Bet On It A social platform where one can place bets against a friend or an anonymous user, easily allowing the phrase "Bet on it." that often is … Markus Feng, Alex Han, Jian Lu, Tongyu Zhou View more
Alarm! : A Protective Penumbra Our project detects incoming objects, lights a number of pixels that represents that value, and then sounds an alarm and flashes the pixels if the … Yannis Lam, Jeffery Carr, Steven Yen, Henry Cheung View more
Mothmobile A cute companion to aid you in lamp finding endeavours. The Moth-mobile mindlessly rams into the brightest object in the room, just like a real … Aung Khant, Jerry Zeng, Adam Powell, Adam Skvorak View more
Find My Missing Kids Our project is focused on using facial recognition to match photos taken by a user to a database of missing children, to aid law enforcement … Grace Hall, Arta Razavi, Cameron Harvey, Lynn Li, Andreya Augst View more
Locatron400 Uses radio signal level to locate a beacon in room environment. Could be used to find your phone, for instance. Remy Seungmin Yoo View more
Sort Assortment Our project sorts a given list using several sorting algorithms, and it measures the time required for each one. The algorithms are shown in order … Ryan Campbell, Joseph Jenie View more
Saluseon A platform that integrates a predictive model using machine learning to flag students at risk of dropping out of high school. Based on significant evidence … Amartya Singh, Jaskaran Singh, Robert Leifke, Xuan Chau View more
ANav Many cyclist around the world depend on social apps and themselves to discover bike paths that are popular in their area. It can be frustrating … Josh Sennet, Chuanpu Lou, Omar Sanchez View more
CodeAbility CodeAbility gives those who don't have full use of their hands the opportunity to code. Lilia Heinold, Sanskriti Sharma, Christopher Zhu, Ian Richardson, Robert Cunningham View more
Pets and Us Co. An organisation to bring Dog NGOs together and provide an easy way of connection between the customers and the NGOs. Encouraging the principle of 'Adopt … Rushiv Arora, Vani Korepu, Umair Sohail. View more
AI Quote Generator Generating categorized quotes with artificial neural networks. Jinchao Yang, Evan Risas View more
Pineapple Commission free stock trading with partial stock bonus incentives for volunteering and community involvement. Imagine if you got a piece of a stock every time … Rochish Ambati View more
Explorasaurus Explorasaurus is a travel website to book cheaper/faster journeys by combining multiple modes of transportation. By considering combinations of flight segments, train and bus routes, … Carter McCardwell, Zachary Marcus, Spencer Hance View more
Learn Zuni This is a language learning app for the Native American Zuni tribe's language. The objective of this app is to help people learn Zuni and … Jason R. McFeeley, Lauren E. Machere View more
Soteria Our project is a smart home system aimed at protecting the house from intruders and monitoring indoor climate. Amogh Bharadwaj, Infant Derrick Gnanasusairaj, Liam Brandwein, Jagan Krishnasamy View more
Song Flong Our website allows you to submit a youtube link for a music video and generate up to 5 (or more) "Shared BPM" videos. These shared … David Malakh, Daniel Guddemi, Skyler Szot View more
Beats! We have made a rhythm reaction speed game on Android Studios! Charlie Zheng, Jun Shan Zeng, Jia Bin Lu, Jason Xiao View more
Finger Dancer Our team are a group of people who are passionate in making our life better with advanced Machine Learning technology. By capturing finger print, we … Katharine Zhong, Jack Zhang, Xuanyu Chen, WPI Goats! View more
Virtual Arena League A platform for discovering and organizing competitive eSports Tournaments for everyone. Jason Zhuo, Kirs Imsong, Along Jamir View more
Arcslinger Arcslinger is a game of speed and accuracy, where players fling a disc of light to their opponents goal. Players can stop the disc by … Michael Feuerstein, Emily Emmons, Dmitry Aristarkhov, Danley Nemorin, Fei X View more
Leap Motion Controlled LED Array We control a 2D Array of LED's using a leapmotion sensor Govind Chandak, Shruti Nanda, Nikhil Devadoss, Josh Cagan, Aaron Achildiyev View more
Steamed hams but each one of the 4076 frames is … Steamed hams but each one of the 4076 frames is democratically voted on Caleb Kussmaul and Edridge D'Souza View more
Aux Aux is an android application that allows users to queue individual songs on one users device. Aux uses a kahoot-style code verification system to create … Armand Asnani, Steven Omeis, Spencer Rendano, Harshul Shukla View more
Speech To Code A program designed to let you write code with only your mouth. Look mom, no hands! Nicholas Williams, Gordon Phoon, Lillian Grassin-Drake, Christopher Rybicki View more
Access Granted The project conceptualizes the idea of having a ring on a person’s thumb with a fingerprint scanner and using other fingers to scan on the … Kunj Dedhia, Aditya Narayanan, Abhinav Tripathy, Yajwin Jain View more
ResGen ResGen is a browser extension that generates tailored resumes for the online job listings you visit. Simon Andrews, Dhruvi Chauhan, Suma Movva, Ayush Sahu View more
Omega Omega is a Go analysis tool that searches for similar positions of your game in a library of game records, and analyzes all the positions … Annie Wagner, Weiqiu You View more
rateBnB Our project makes deciding which AirBnB to pick less stressful, painful. It does this by giving you a score based on crime index of the … Sushant Rao, Shubham Batra, Michael Hendrick, Ishan Gupta View more
Better Hoof It! Android app controlled Arduino horse race, where LEDs of different colors race around the track (16 LED strip) competing for glory. Spenser Kutney, Scott Lynch, Ryan McCarthy View more
GenMir Our project is a tool to curb the ongoing crisis for phone addiction that is particularly affecting the mental and physical health of the youth. … Anshul Bhargava, Ayush Khandelwal View more
Gradu8 Each semester, students spend countless hours meticulously crafting their schedules for the next round of courses. Some will even plan out multiple semesters in advance, … Nathan Duarte, Sharvil Kekre, Rishabh Srivastava, Kuhu Wadhwa, and Trevor … View more
Braille++ Braille++ is an app that helps a visually impaired person know about the environment around them. The app understands what is happening around the user … Kunal Sheth, Vignesh Kumar, Abhijeet Pradhan, Asif Rahman View more
Hot Noodle We built an IoT WiFi-enabled smart pool sensor that texts you to alert you of different features (e.g. hot tub temperature)! It can float aimlessly … Nigel Paine, Jakub Polanowski, Zenry Padua View more